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Best snow removal service in Calgary.

Whether you’re getting ahead of some incoming inclement weather or you’ve awoken to find yourself snowed in, our snow removal services help the people of the local area whatever the weather, whenever the time. At T and B Lawn and Snow Inc, we use a range of equipment, from shovels to plowing machinery, in order to deliver services that include driveway and car park clearing, road and doorway unblocking. If you have a more specialised snow removal request, contact us through our booking form.

Quality Service

When it comes to our snow removal company, we always guarantee first-class quality work. Although snow isn’t the most pressing matter all year round, we’re experienced in our trade and capable of delivering a speedy and quality service. Don’t hesitate to get in touch whether you're in a crisis or simply looking for some minor safety clearances. No matter what your problem is, when it comes snow, it’s what we do best.

Our Services and Facilities

Most people who choose rock landscaping fall into two categories. One: they want to reduce their landscaping maintenance expenses. Two: They simply love rock art. Whichever camp you fall into (perhaps it’s both), our business can serve you. Our services cover small outdoor rock landscape design with an alluring finish and large projects for bigger organisations. All you need to do is imagine the design you want and we will bring it to reality.


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All services
All services
Garden Works
Snow Removal Service
Domestic Repairs & Improvements
Custom Landscape Works

Garden Works


Book a specific day and time, we will show up to get rid of your weeds. 3 hours is a minimum.

Per visit 3 hours
Garden maintenance

Price is a 3 hour minimum. Covers picking weeds. 

Soil enhancement, but doesn't cover materials.

Per 3 hours
Dog Waste Removal

For very bad clean-up after winter $125.00 per dog

Per dog

Snow Removal Service

Residential Snow Pushing Service


Starting per residential visit
Commercial Building Snow Pushing Service

Commercial yearly plowing starting at $1000.00 

Commercial yearly
Snow Removal
$30 a snow push or $375 a year. Will beat any price
Residential from $550 a year.

Domestic Repairs & Improvements

Flower Bed repairs

Flower bed repairs, picking weeds out, soil enhancement.

The price does not cover any material at all.

Needs to be personally quoted

Custom Landscape Works

Soft scaping

Price needs to be quoted personally

Hard scaping

Price needs to be quoted personally

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